Bohey Dulang and 7 Island Tour

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Bohey Dulang is the second-largest island among the Tun Sakaran marine Park archipelago. Bohey Dulang is a trekkers’ and birdwatchers’ favorite, offering fantastic views from its 353m peak. Birds are aplenty on the island. Is it possible to walk around the island at low tide on the beach.
The island is 23km away from Semporna  and has a superficy of 313 hectares.

The islands are part of an extinct volcanic crater what are now forming a beautiful lagoon. The lagoon is open on its southern side but the crater rim on that side extends into a long coral reef. A thin channel separates Bohey Dulang from Pulau Bodgaya, which is the largest island in the group.

Small rock pools, fed by waterfalls, dot the eastern side of the island. These are 2 to 3 metres across in size and are connected to each other through a stream.

Completing this picture of natural beauty is the island’s inhabitants who are Sea Gypsies living in and working from within their boats. Their unique equation with water has been of much cultural interest to visitors from all over the world.

Hiking up for the view
Bohey Dulang has a hiking trail going up the 353 meters peak, winding around the island to its peak. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the top. Climbing across it can be very rewarding because of the unique flora and fauna that you can enjoy on the way. Besides the colourful birds, the island has got monkeys (long-tailed macaque), and rare plants that grow on volcanic rocks. From the end of the trail at the top, trekkers can see the crater-lagoon, surrounded by the islands of Bodgaya, Bohey Dulang and Tetagan.

The Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies)
The Sea Gypsies, locally known as the Bajau Laut, inhabit the islands of Bohey Dulang and Bodgaya. Their nomadic and water-bound lifestyle is a subject of interest to ordinary tourists as well as anthropologists.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Trips
There are plenty of dive operators and resorts that organize diving and snorkelling trips to Bohey Dulang.

Where to Stay?
Adjacent islands like Scuba jeff Mabul or Sempona River Cruise Chalet and there is also a range of accommodation in the nearby town of Semporna. You Can choose budget hotel or  Luxury Hotel in semporna also.

Speed Boat to Bohey Dulang
From Semporna to Bohey Dulang: countabout 35 minutes by speedboat.

Please or Whattapp 0195855125 for more information about Bohey Dulang.

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Why we must go from Semporna not from mabul? it’s not safe to take the boat road to Bohey Dulang because of open sea and long journey. As the owner ex police I suggest stay in Semporna and easy to visit all the destination and safe.

2 person –  Rm350pp
3-4 person – Rm250pp
5-6 person – Rm150pp
7-20 person –  Rm110pp

Package Include :
– 1x snorkeling
– Snorkeling equipment
-Lunch /  Drinking water
-Hiking Bohey Dulang

Not Included :
Hotel Rm70-250 per room
Airport Land Transfer Minivan ( 10pp ) Rm200 per car, Car ( 4pp) Rm100 per car.
To stay in Mabul with full package pls visit Holiday/snorkeling Mabul .  We visit Bohey Dulang on your last day.

2 person –  Rm750pp
3-4 person – Rm450pp
5-6 person – Rm310pp
7-20 person –  Rm200pp


Package Include :
– 1x snorkeling
– Snorkeling equipment
-Lunch /  Drinking water
-Hiking Bohey Dulang

Not Included :
– Hotel Rm70-250 per room
– Airport Land Transfer Minivan ( 10pp ) Rm200 per car, Car ( 4pp) Rm100 per car.
– To stay 1 night in Mabul only rm90 per person include ( Bfast, Lunch,Dinner ) .

1st day arrival
– Check In Semporna Hotel /Hiking and Tour Bukit Tengkorak Semporna
2nd Day
–  Mataking, Timba-Timba, Pom-Pom Tour start at 8am
3rd Day
– Bohey Dulang, Tatagan,Mantabuan, Sibuan.
4th Day

You can add stay in Mabul island 1 night with only Rm90pp include Bfast,Lunch and Dinner! 

Owner Malay from Negeri Sembilan ex Police who live in semporna since 1995 till now. Establised company since 2009 and popular among the local tourist. Safe and Happiness is our company priority. ( Whattapp Jeff 0195855125 )

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